Alessandro Viola


GRAPE ONLY (UVA TANTUM) - “In wine there are a number of perfect chemical balance, only nature can go that far. Who are we to do better nature?
The company makes red wines without sulfites and aged in chestnut barrels. Red does not have any added chemicals, and filtration - hence the name UVA TANTUM (GRAPE ONLY, to be precise) . For whites are added only moderate amounts of sulfites.

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Cantina Salcheto


Salco means the willow tree in the ancient Tuscan language, an important plant for wine territories throughout history as its branches were used to bind and the vines

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Right next to Salento, in the heart of Apulia within an area supported by the best climate conditions, Varvaglione Vigne & Vini develops its distinction sign and corporate philosophy by joining traditions and technology.

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Tenuta Cucco


The increasingly growing awareness of the importance of a healthy, high quality and sustainable agriculture, which values bio diversities and preserves the terroir favouring future generations, led us to accomplish new initiatives.

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